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Beautiful window shades for every home

Our window treatments provide a hand-crafted ambiance that match your home’s unique style

Why choose window shades for your home?

Decorators have discovered shades in the unspoiled beauty of natural accents. The gentle, untouched aesthetic from window shades invites the balance of the natural world into your environment, connecting you to colors and textures of the landscape.

Our natural shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources including bamboo, jute, and grasses. These rustic materials are now featured in roman shades, sliding panels, and woven natural drapes.

Interested in some new shades for your home? Contact us today and we’ll help you design and select the perfect addition that will change your view.

Perfect Pleated Shades

Pleated shades add depth and structure to traditional shades through evenly spaced, crisp folds of fabric. Available in many stunning textiles from sheer and light-filtering to opaque, we’ll help you tailor these shades to your preference for just the right amount privacy and light control for your home.


Window shades can set the mood and complement your room’s unique style. They can open up a vista, create a serene room for rest, and protect furnishings and artwork from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can even play a large role in conserving energy in your home.

Choosing your window shades doesn’t have to be overwhelming

From aesthetics, comfort, and convenience to durability and efficiency, there are dozens of important factors to consider when choosing your new blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes. Working with our team’s design consultants will make each step of the process easy and streamlined for you; no matter if you are looking for pleated shades, natural or bamboo shades, or roman shades, one of our styles will be sure to complement your home. Here are a few of the key questions we’ll help you consider, all of which will inform the final look of your design project.

  • How will the space be used?
  • What other decor or elements will be in the room?
  • Will you be working, relaxing, or entertaining in this space?
  • Will this room be used for more formal or informal activities?

Questions like these will help us understand your home and define the ideal design style for your window treatments.

Top-Quality Window Treatments

Let us show you how our top-quality window treatments can enhance your home.

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