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Interior blinds and Indoor Shutters

Choose from a wide variety of materials that coordinate perfectly with your home.

Why choose window blinds for your home?

  • Blinds can reduce interior heat gain in your home by up to 45% (when they are completely closed and lowered on sunny windows)
  • They are both energy and space efficient
  • They can be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, which will diffuse the light without significant heat or glare

Our blackout blinds will help keep your room dark and cool for better resting.

Our team is highly-skilled in blind design and installation. While there are lots of great options available, we will help you consider precisely which kind of window blinds will be best for your home or room. We carry Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds and custom blinds that will be fitted exactly to your windows or door measurements.

Types of blinds to consider

  • Horizontal blinds make a subtle statement
  • Aluminum blinds feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains
  • Vinyl blinds offer extra-thick PVC slats for improved privacy, durability, and energy efficiency—and they are designed to coordinate perfectly with our vertical blinds, maintaining a cohesive décor throughout your home

Crafting blinds: A time-honored tradition

In the time-honored tradition, wood for our shutters and blinds is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Each piece of hardwood is individually inspected for quality. A three-step drying process prevents cracking and warping.

Then, all milling, sanding, painting, and staining is done by skilled technicians. Consistent with our commitment to a green future, sawdust and wood shavings are recycled. The result is a look of unsurpassed elegance and natural splendor!

Shop our selection of indoor shades and shutters, blackout blinds, and light-filtering shades today.

Top-Quality Window Treatments

Let us show you how our top-quality window treatments can enhance your home.

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