Composite Shutters bring the classic, refined look to rooms that require a particularly durable solution. Designed to not warp, fade, crack, or peel, these shutters are built to withstand the rigors of a busy household. 

Durable composite shutters Green and Gold/White Dining room scene 2015-10-14_00001

Shutters, like window blinds, work best for summer shading. Movable or fixed louvers allow ventilation and natural daylight to enter a room while blocking some direct radiation. For greater insulation combine shutters with other window treatments such as draperies.

Formal receiving area with chandelier and white wood shutters room scene 2015-10-14_00005

In the time-honored tradition,  wood for these shutters is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Each piece of hardwood is individually inspected for quality. A three-step drying process prevents cracking and warping.

arts and crafts cottage white vaulted rustic ceiling with natural finished wood shutters room scene 2015-10-14_00001

Then all milling, sanding, painting, and staining is done by skilled technicians. Consistent with our commitment to a green future, sawdust and wood shavings are recycled.

The result is a look of unsurpassed elegance and natural splendor.

lodge red leather dining room with open rod artisan drapes wrapping up look of composite shutters room scene 2015-10-14_00003
final touches of distressed wood composite shutters in country limestone kitchen room scene 2015-10-14_00006